Found an Aurora Orphaned Raccoon? Be Their Savior and Learn the Steps to Take ASAP to Save Them!

In case you encountered an Aurora orphaned baby raccoon, you will have to make sure that this is indeed the case. You should never touch the little raccoon if you are not sure that it was abandoned by the mother raccoon. There are instances that the young coon might only be playing outside of the nest. Touching the animal might do them more harm. 

Things to Do With an Orphaned Baby Raccoon

You will need to reunite the Illinois baby raccoon to the mother in order to increase their chance of survival. If the young raccoon appears healthy, you should leave them behind until nighttime. You need to give the mother the sufficient opportunity to retrieve her baby. On the off chance that you encounter an active baby raccoon during the morning, this does not necessarily mean that they are rabid. The kits and the mother will normally be active during the day in order to hunt food.

Protect the Baby

While waiting for the mother to return and retrieve the Illinois baby, you should contain the baby in order to protect it against the predator and weather elements. Be sure that you will wear gloves when handling the baby. Place them in a box that will be high enough to prevent them from crawling outside again. You may also place them in the laundry basket. Provide them with an ample heat source. You may achieve this by putting a bottle filled with warm water near them. Wrap the bottle in a towel and place it close to the baby raccoon. Replace the bottle frequently to ensure that the baby will stay warm. 

In case you are placing them in a container with no lid, be sure that you will provide them with shade. You can place a piece of cardboard to cover half of the box or basket. This cover can also keep them safe from rain. 

Do Not Feed Them with Milk!

Perhaps our first reaction when we found a hungry Illinois orphaned baby raccoon is to feed them with milk. However, you must resist this at all costs. Remember that most animals do not have the capacity to digest the milk of the cow. It will probably lead to diarrhea and on worst occasion, it may result to death. The puppy milk or kitten milk formula would be a better option. Nonetheless, you still should not feed them. In case the formula was not properly diluted, the milk will be sucked into their lungs that can cause their lungs to be bloated. This will eventually lead to their demise. Furthermore, if they became dehydrated and you feed them with the milk formula, they can also die from this.

The best solution for a dehydrated Aurora orphaned baby raccoon is to feed them with Pedialyte. In case you do not have an experience in administering it, you should call the help of your vet or a local animal welfare center. This is the best way that you can provide help to the helpless critter.

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