How on Earth Do Illinois Pigeons Communicate? Coos? Head Bobbing? Dabs? Find Out Here!

Perhaps Aurora pigeons are the most common birds that you will encounter in the urban areas. They choose to live close to the humans where they will get free foods. However, it may not appear that simple. In fact, there are more than 300 types of pigeons and most of them will appear diverse that they will not resemble the appearance of each other. They also produce an array of sound which they use to communicate while they are in flight.

An Overview on the Complex Communication Ability of Pigeon

Pigeons have the ability to produce sound that they use to relay complex messages. Some of them will produce sound by flapping their Illinois wings. The content of their messages will depend upon the intenAurora and the frequency of the strokes of their wings. 

Making Friends

In case the male pigeons want to establish friendship with the other members of the same species, he will approach the Aurora bird and will repeatedly bob down and up while making a cooing sound. In case he is pursuing a female pigeon, the female will allow him to continue what he is doing. In case it is a male, it will fly away. 

Protecting the Nest

The pigeon may also use distinct movements to deliver the message. For instance, if they notice a threat while guarding the nest, the pigeon will raise their wings that will make them appear bigger. They will then peck the attackers and hit them with their wings should they try to get close. The ‘hoohoo' sound that they produce will also appear to be a sound of affection. This is a sound that they will generate if their baby pigeons approach them. 

Nesting Time

During the Illinois nesting season, the male pigeons will also produce a series of calls that aims to capture the attention of the female pigeon. The process will start when the male look for a possible nesting place. He will sit patiently on the nesting area that he chose and will continuously produce calls. 

Using their Behavior

The pigeons can also communicate by using their innate behavior. For instance the preening of their feathers will be a sign of affection. They would preen their partner's feather at the back and their wings. Another interesting behavior of the pigeon would be their billing. They would do this like they were kissing. Before the start of the copulation, the male pigeon will put food on the throat of the female. On the off chance that the female pigeon accepted the offering, the mating process will then proceed.

These are just some of the unique ways on how the Aurora pigeons communicate with each other. So if you notice a pigeon in your house that is taking advantage of your fruit-bearing tree, you should not be surprised if you will see a large group of pigeons on the next day. Their ability to relay messages shows how intelligent this creature is. Even though they will not sing just like the other birds, they can pass the message in their own way.

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