Is Relocating Illinois Opossums a Good Idea? Does it Stress the Animal Out?

Relocating the Aurora opossum away from your private property where you caught it is considered illegal. The possums are highly territorial creatures. This means that if you relocate them in an unfamiliar territory, they will be attacked by the other opossums that are already living there. Relocating this nuisance animal is considered inhumane. This will result to the death of the opossum regardless of where you relocate them. It also has the possibility to spread illness once you relocate it to a new territory.

Why Is It Not Allowed to Relocate Possums

The Illinois opossum that you will relocate will eventually die due to the stressful and traumatic situation. Relocating them will not solve your issue. This only means that another opossum will replace the one you relocated after a few days.

Having Opossums Are Actually Beneficial

If we choose not to upset the balance, we will be able to enjoy an array of benefits. Small mammals will provide nourishment to the bigger animals. Killing these small mammals will limit the food source of their predators. In addition, once you eliminate the opossum from its territory, another wild animal will replace them. You may end up with an animal with a more destructive behavior. Opossums are also excellent in maintaining the population of insects in our yard. Any food that you will leave outside will invite a range of wildlife creatures (not only opossums). You can't blame them for taking advantage of the pet food that you left outdoors.

It is Inhumane

Separating the babies from the mother will lead to the death of the baby Illinois possum. This is why you should find out if there are baby opossums in your property before performing exclusion. Even on the off chance that you've discovered the baby opossum, they can still experience trauma and stress that can affect their rate of survival. Opossums will not survive when you relocate them in a new environment. They will suffer a long and painful death which is too cruel.

What is the Better Option?

Instead of relocating them to a new environment, the better option is to manage their activities. If the Illinois opossum is causing damages to your property, the first thing you have to do is to assess the extent of the damages that they've caused. Remember that you have the responsibility to deal with your problem humanely. Eliminating the creature will not solve your issue. It is time-consuming and will not deliver a long term result. If they are damaging your tree, placing a metal collar will keep them protected from the bites of the possum.

Opossum is a creature that is harmless. It is also an Aurora nomadic creature and will not usually stay in one place. It is not common for households to encounter problems with them. However, in case you are experiencing a problem with your opossum, the best solution is to keep your house protected from the infestation. You should also employ the service of the professionals that will provide you a better and humane solution.

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