The Only 4 Signs You Need to Determine if Squirrels Are in YOUR Aurora Attic!

It is a known fact that the population of Aurora squirrels in the urban setting is continuously increasing. As their population continues to grow, the possibility of interacting with them also increases. The presence of squirrels should not be taken lightly. Their unstoppable gnawing and chewing can cause considerable damages in our house.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation in Your Attic

In case you are dealing with an Illinois wildlife infestation, the ability to control the damages that they can inflict can be determined on how you quickly you respond to your situation. Once they invaded your house, the only possible solution is to react fast to deter their activity. Here are some of the prevalent signs of their presence.

1. Strange Noises

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of squirrel infestation in your attic. Most of us will not pay attention to the concealed areas of our home and look for evidence of squirrel activity. It is highly unlikely that you will look for scratches and bites on your attic. However, it is possible that we will hear the unusual noises that they can create. The most common sounds that you will hear would be scurrying and scampering. Due to the fact that their teeth will constantly grow, they will gnaw and chew tough materials that will produce sound. 

2. Droppings

The droppings of the Aurora squirrels can also be a sign of active infestation. It might be quite challenging to discern the droppings of the squirrels since it is somehow similar with the wastes of the bats and other excrement of various critters. The best option would be to ask the assistance of the wildlife expert to determine the creature that is dwelling in your property. The droppings should be concentrated on the entry holes. The presence of their dropping may increase the chance of disease transmission.

3. Damages

You should also look for the damages in your Illinois attic. This may include the tearing in your insulation materials that they can use in building their nest. If you are hearing strange noises in your attic, you will need to inspect your attic periodically for any signs of damages. You will perhaps discover your electrical wiring destroyed by the squirrel. The length of their stay in their attic will determine the level of damages in your attic. 

4. Footprint

 It is actually relatively easy to determine if the foot print belongs to the squirrel or other species. The front paw will show four fingers while the rear paw will have 5 fingers. The print of the front paw will also be significantly shorter compared to the rear paw. It is highly unlikely that you will encounter paw print, but once you do, understand that this is a problem that you shouldn't ignore.

Once you noticed these signs, you should immediately call the help of the Aurora experts. You will be able to stay away from expensive repairs if you deal with the infestation at once. 

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